Sunday, April 22, 2012

Henry & Marilyn Garman Family

I met the Garman family for a christmas card session. We had decided to use 2 locations and the first was by a pond. I loved the colors Marilyn picked for their clothes !

                                                             Daddy & his little girl =)

                           Akim wanted a picture with his dad to put in a frame in his bedroom !

Love how Marilyn ordered this picture in this shape !

                                               Our second location was on train tracks

 Henry was sure the train would be coming any minute while he's sitting on the chair on train tracks!!

I love working with your family !!!

Blessings, Esther

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ashadee is 4 - part 3

 And here it is, the last part of Ashadee's session. Since Ashadee likes whoopie pies , her mom decided to include them into our session. Ashadee could not wait until she could actually eat one !

                    Thrilled to be at this part of her session ! She kept asking can I have one now ?

            But first we took a few more pictures of her wearing another dress her mom made !

                                                     Ohhhh I just can't wait any longer !

               Please may I have a bite ! And we finally gave in and let her have a whoopie pie !

  Ashadee , please hurry up and have another birthday so we can do this again !!! And this time we can do a "getting ready for school " session ?? 

                                                  Blessings, Esther

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Adele Mari Nolt

      It was special to have baby Adele come for a newborn session because I had taken her parents wedding pictures a few years ago !

                                   Her mom brought this cute little teddy bear along !

                                  She kept peaking at us instead of going into a deep sleep =)

                                       Awww,  something sooo sweet about sleeping babies !

                                                        So in love with their baby girl !

                A mother holds her children’s hands for a short while,
                                         but their hearts forever.

                  Trying one last pose and that's the one they picked for the birth announcement!


  Adele's parent's decided on a press printed card which was printed front & back on patallic paper

         Dale & Lois thanks so much for giving me the chance to photography your new baby girl! I'm so happy for you and blessings as you raise her !

                                                                Blessings, Esther

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ashadee is 4 - part 2

 How yummy does this look !!! Ashadee's mom brought a milkshake along, something that Ashadee enjoys =)

Ashadee is wearing a dress made from a vintage pillowcase made by her mom ! Makes me wish my daughter was younger and could still wear one !

                For this session we choose a grassy field and the sun was at the golden hour

Finally allowed to have a sip !

Grassy fields are one of my favorite places to shoot and having fun props and a cute girl make it perfect!

                                     Ashadee's hairpiece was made by her mom too!

This is making me wish for warmer weather and sunny days !

Ashadee's mom did the editing on these pictures and I love it !! The pictures make me feel happy !

Well,  I have one more part to Ashadee's session - look for it soon !

Blessings, Esther

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crystal Kurtz

 Last fall I had a session with Crystal Kurtz. She came to my house and we use several of my favorite spots around my house & neighborhood !

                        I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but I love the fall !!

We drug my chair out into the neighbor's field

Thanks for coming Crystal !

Blessings, Esther